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Pitfalls to avoid when investing in overseas property

Recently there were some bad press about investors getting burnt when they purchase overseas properties. It is always "on hindsight" that investors realised they made a bad decision. Here are some tips when purchasing overseas properties.

 Know yourself - what are you looking for in a property investment? Guaranteed rental yield, stable rental demand or upside potential in capital growth? 

 What risks are involved when it comes to purchasing an overseas property in established markets versus emerging markets? Is this in line with your investment objective?

 Always buy with care when dealing with foreign property. Deal with agency that had done due diligence check on the developer.

 Do your home work and always ask questions. Do not to taken easily by promises of high Rental Returns.

 Investment in overseas property is always about Location, Economy, Stability, Sustainability and etc. Stay updated with happenings within the region.

 Can you accept some form of currency risk?

 Deal only with experience sales consultants. They will be able to analyse with you on the best possible investment that suits your requirements.

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